in the Boothbay Harbor Region


A wide variety of accommodations are available for your stay in the Boothbay Harbor Region, with something for every taste and every comfort level. Lodging is available overnight or by the week, month, or season. Consider booking early if you seek a long-term stay or have specific date requirements.


Does your ideal getaway include chocolates on your pillow and being waited on at every meal? Do you prefer full kitchen amenities and a washer and dryer while on vacation? Perhaps you long to stay in a rustic log cabin nestled in the woods. How about a shingled Maine cottage overlooking the ocean – complete with a wrap-around porch and rocking chairs?


The Boothbay Harbor Region has dozens of quality oceanfront inns, motels and marinas, cozy bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, private cottages or homes, and ocean-view condominiums, which you will find listed here.


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