Making ceramics is a process best suited for those who are patient and willing to learn by error.

Many people who visit our studio regale us with their own pottery stories of triumph or disaster. Everyone who has taken a class or spent time with the medium knows both ends of the spectrum. But those who dedicate their time and creative energies know the amount of labor and love invested. For those of you who don’t know much about the process, we aim to answer questions and give you some insight into our world.

Ae Ceramics are handmade by a small crew of people in the coastal villages of Yarmouth and Boothbay Harbor, Maine, where the natural shapes of coastal life are transformed into dinnerware, functional art, and tabletop accessories.

Artist and designer Alison Evans lived and worked for several years in NYC. Wanting to be closer to family and focus on establishing her own studio, Alison moved to the quiet town of East Boothbay, Maine. With her studio just a few feet from the ocean, inspiration surrounded her. The natural forms of her environment – oyster and clam shells, barnacles, and sea urchins – became bowls, vases, and serving pieces. The allure lies in the essence of natural forms without duplication.

The timeless oyster series provides the foundations of Ae Ceramics. Although the series’ shape is inspired by nature, the shape provides a unique divergence from traditionally round dinnerware. Further enhancing her work, Alison developed glazes to mimic nature’s movement, grace, and individuality.

As Alison’s unique shapes and glazes gained popularity, Ae Ceramics grew from a single artist working out of a garage into a staff of five and two full working studios. We encourage you to come visit one or both locations to learn about our process and meet the makers.