Many think that the Chamber is just made up of a Board of Directors, Executive Director and staff. In truth though, the chamber is made up of its members and the community. It is your ideas and actions that can move us forward as a whole. New members and fresh ideas are always welcome, to join a committee please call 207-633-2353.



Chair: Michael Maxim
Patricia Royall, Sara Moore, Jessica Tindal, Ben Teel, Elaine Jones and Ben Rankins.


Chair: Alan Baldwin
Patricia Royall, Michael Maxim and Sarah Foulger.


Chair: Jessica Tindal
Patricia Royall, Sara Moore, Kris Folsom, Jessica Tindal, Lori Reynolds, Ken Rayle, Donna Piggott, Jim Jarvis, Nicholas Ullo, and Ben Teel


Chair: Michael Maxim
Ben Rankins, Bob Drury, Doug Goldhirsch and Patricia Royall.


Sarah Morley, Ben Teel, Michael Maxim, Karen Salatino and Patricia Royall.