Boothbay Railway Village – New Archive Building

Thu, 03/24/2022 – 10:30am

Boothbay Railway Village Museum is in planning stages for a new archive building. Director of Curation and Education Whitney Lytle said a site survey will happen this spring for the building which will be located across the street from BRV in the museum’s overflow parking. The building will take away just about 10 parking spaces, she said.

With thousands of artifacts located throughout its sprawling campus, BRV needs a place to keep its most fragile items, most of which have been kept away from display to reduce deterioration, Lytle said. “We want to make sure these items are better preserved. This archive building will help us do that as well as give us space to work with items that are on display, be able to do restoration or repairs, have a better library and just get a lot more organized and be better stewards of what we’re housing here … It’s a really forward thinking plan we have for the museum and for the community really, trying to make sure we have something impactful to offer.”


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