“Claw Down® is a Maine lobster bite competition and a gourmet lobster lover’s dream event,” says Patricia Royall, Executive Director. “You get to meet incredibly talented chefs, eat delectable, handcrafted lobster bites while enjoying some of the finest wines from Central Distributors.”

Did you know that in September 2012 it was cheaper to buy a lobster than a pound of hamburger?

Maine’s lobstermen were hurting. The Boothbay Harbor Region Chamber of Commerce heightened the awareness of this crisis and issued a call out to our regional restaurants and chefs to participate in the First Annual Claw Down® — Chef’s Lobster Bite Competition with one requirement:

All Claw Down chefs must only use MAINE LOBSTER!

Sold-out Success: Regional restaurant owners and chefs purchased over 500 pounds of shucked lobster from local lobster wharfs to make their delectable lobster bites. With over 500 pounds of lobster purchased and 450 tickets sold, the total regional economic impact on the lobster industry just for the Claw Down® event was substantial!

And thus, Claw Down was born and has continued to expand in the last 6 years to where it is now,

CLAW DOWN transforms over 500 pounds of shucked Maine lobster into hand-crafted gourmet lobster bites for over 450 lobster fans from over all over the country in one night!