The word dMUDDLE is not in the dictionary but if it were… When things are muddled, murky, confusing, in a state of disorder and chaos, it only stands to reason that the opposite would be a tidy and organized state. Thus dMUDDLED

A lifetime of organizing, streamlining and creating order, best describes what I do.  I’m a big fan of reworking existing items in the home to create a fresh uncluttered look and feel. I tie it in with organizing everything from kitchen drawers to garages. Everything has a place.  Like each client, what I provide is a custom experience that takes into consideration how one lives and then understanding what he or she would like to achieve.


Recent empty nesters wanting to take back their spaces

Moving to a larger or smaller home and needing help packing up, throwing out, giving away, unpacking, and creating a cohesive flow in their new space

Home sellers needing to streamline and “stage”

Acquiring a relative’s home and needing to categorize what needs to be tossed, donated, sold and kept, and finally, pulling it together to sell

Preparing for a special event and needing a soundboard “life coach” who listens and executes the vision

General makeovers de-cluttering, re-purposing, and my favorite word, purging


“A master organizer using a tactful, compassionate approach to moving things around or moving things along. Bridget saved my life!” –  Cilla F. (a happy client)