Ardiah Managed Services

Our Model

Although most small business owners are acutely aware that both accounting and technology are key drivers in allowing any business to grow, they usually don’t have the luxury of time, acquired expertise, or in-house specialists. Most are busy focusing on the day to day operations of their business and that’s the way it should be.

Our model provides small and medium size businesses with a professional service team that integrates seamlessly within the operation and acts as an extension of their own team. We take the time to learn your business as though it were our own. We don’t consider ourselves a provider, we consider ourselves a partner.

Our flat fee, revenue-based pricing allows business owners the comfort of knowing what to plan for month in and month out. All of our proprietary tools and software are provided at no additional charge to our clients. There are no hidden fees, no additional charges, no costly budgetary surprises.

Our seamless approach to service delivery includes a deep commitment to investing in the technology, resources and tools to provide the highest levels of service, increased efficiencies and significant cost reduction for our clients. By consistently helping our customers seize new opportunities to grow their business, enhance operating performance, and outshine their competitors, we are leading the way in back office outsourcing for small businesses just like yours.