Central Maine Community College

Central Maine Community College provides quality, accessible college education and lifelong learning opportunities by offering career and technical education; education for transfer to the baccalaureate level; and services to support economic development and community vitality.

To achieve the mission, Central Maine Community College offers:

  • Career and technical education that prepares students for employment and continued education
  • Education that prepares students for transfer to the baccalaureate level
  • Lifelong learning opportunities for area residents to improve workplace skills, enhance job and career prospects and enrich their lives
  • Services to support economic development and community vitality
  • The highest quality services while maintaining the broadest accessibility to our students and community

Central Maine County Community College is committed to enduring excellence as a comprehensive community college; dedicated to student academic, career and personal success in preparation for the career opportunities of tomorrow; focused on continuous self-evaluation and improvement, and strengthening the open-door philosophy of educational opportunity.