Colby & Gale

Colby & Gale is a locally owned, family run business that strives to fill the needs of our communities. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer quality products and dependable 24-hour service. Our highly skilled and loyal employees are the driving force behind these standards. Meeting the needs of our customers is and always will be our top priority.


Service and Community, that’s why!

Colby & Gale is a family-run business, founded on the ideals of outstanding service and community responsibility. We offer large-scale support and supply without compromising our commitment to high-quality service. Any hour of the day or night, Colby & Gale is here for our customers and our community.

It is through the support of Lincoln County that Colby & Gale has grown to a full-service company with 42 employees, tanks with the capacity for 200,000 gallons and 22 trucks which haul between 3,200 and 3,300 gallons each. In turn, Colby & Gale is committed to supporting the citizens and organizations within Lincoln County.