The Elder Care Network of Lincoln County

Welcome to ElderCare

Established in the mid-1990’s, to help make more and better housing options available to frail elders in this rural mid-coast Maine county. While private assisted living developments abound along Maine’s coastline, Lincoln County totally lacked options for residents unable to afford private assisted living until ElderCare Network opened its first residential care facility in 1998.

When older people can no longer stay in their own home.

Older people should stay in their own home as long as they want to do so and can do so with the aid and support of family members, home health care personnel and other community services.

Eventually, the needs of the elderly may go beyond the ability of home care to serve them and the family’s capacity to provide support. At that point, they should be able to move to a non–institutional living arrangement within their own familiar community.

The new setting should offer attentive and personalized care and emotional support while fostering social engagement, intellectual stimulation and as much independence as possible. Our goal is to help residents maintain existing abilities–perhaps even restore lost abilities–and to promote their self–esteem.

ElderCare Network is committed to heart–of–the–village settings, where residents have many opportunities to be part of the community and to enjoy sociability with neighbors and friends. Our small care facilities or homes are appropriate in size and scale to the villages in which they are located.

Hard work and foresight have led to the creation of a caregiving system that offers choices, dignity, and privacy (individual bedrooms or apartments) to its elderly residents, together with time for caregivers to get to know residents’ stories as well as their medical needs. We are responsive to the changing needs of older people, their families, and their communities.