Massage Therapy with Rick Gilde

I would like to invite you to let yourself relax…take a slow deep breath…and now you’re ready for a massage!

Massage is great for your overall health, including such benefits as

  1. Improved circulation
  2. Reduced pain after injury or during rehab
  3. Improved posture
  4. A general sense of well being that translates to a much more enjoyable way to spend your days

Each treatment is tailored to you and your state of health.  Whether it’s an hour on the massage table or 15 minutes in the massage chair, my goal is to help you feel better.  Appointments are available throughout the day and evening, seven days a week.  So take that slow deep breath and give me a call.  All you’ve got to lose is your stress!


Providing relaxation and pain relief since 1983. CST, Massage, and other modalities in the chair or on the table, at my office, your home, business, hotel or boat. ME License #MT38 Member AMTA