Burnt Island Living Lighthouse

The Burnt Island Living Lighthouse program is an unparalleled educational opportunity awaiting all who wish to learn about its maritime heritage. The restored buildings serve as a “living” history museum where interpreters portray a lighthouse family who once called Burnt Island home. Come learn about life on the island from Keeper Joseph Muise, his wife Annie, and their children as they recount their daily activities and share their stories of joy, sorrow, dedication, and survival.

A natural history walk on an island trail will familiarize you with the flora and fauna, as well as the geological features of this picturesque island. You will also learn about Maine’s marine resources, the methods used to harvest them, and the measures used to conserve them. During the final segment of the tour, visitors can climb the spiral staircase into the lantern room, view the historic photographs and documents in the covered walkway museum, sport-fish off the rocks, or picnic by the waterfront.


The island is open to visitors from 10 AM to 5 PM daily unless there is a special event on the island. There are two moorings with a two-hour limit available to the public. The dock can be used to drop off and pick up your guests. One side of the dock is open for small dinghies.
Kayakers are welcome to visit the island and should use the beach to land their kayaks rather than the dock.

Please do not anchor off the island as there is a cable area that connects Burnt Island with Mouse and Capital Islands.

There is a picnic area, hiking trails and bathroom facilities on the island. Camping and fires are not allowed on the island. Please be aware that the Keepers request that you leave a donation in the donation box to help support the maintenance and restoration of Burnt Island Light Station.

Please note that the Living Lighthouse Tour is scheduled for Mondays and Thursdays from 2 to 4 during July and August. Be advised that the area around the keepers dwelling and the tower will be closed to the public during those hours.