Maine State Aquarium

Located on the shore of beautiful West Boothbay Harbor, Maine, the Aquarium is operated by the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR). A collection of regional fish and invertebrates can be viewed in tanks that are recessed within the main gallery’s granite-like cliffs.

The Aquarium features extraordinary lobsters in all sizes and colors. Located in the lobster’s den is a jumbo male who likes to show off his mammoth claws, while next door a lobster condominium houses juveniles.

Colorful marine life, including red sea anemones and sun stars, can be admired in the “Downeast” tank, while the fascinating behaviors of northern shrimp, squid, and ugly, bottom-dwelling fish will surely capture your attention.

The Maine State Aquarium also exhibits a variety of sport-fish species that are of major interest to anglers. At center stage, sharks and skates circle the tank waiting to be patted by those who dare.

A special attraction is the 20 foot-long touch tank that houses a multitude of invertebrates. Come feel the spiny skin of a sea star or sea urchin and get squirted by a sea cucumber or scallop. Watch the moon snail pull in its enormous “gooey” foot and be fascinated by the sea star retracting its stomach!

A quaint, regionally focused aquarium with 13 live exhibits & 2 touch tanks. Open Seasonally, 10-5. Call for program schedule & bring a picnic lunch.

The Aquarium is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.