Two Salty Dogs Pet Outfitters

“We’re Too Small To Carry Any Junk!”

When you think of “The Best Pet Store in Maine” you might think of a warehouse-sized, linoleum-floored, fluorescent-lit behemoth with a moose or lobster on the side of it. But for people who truly love their pets, it’s quality, rather than quantity, that counts. We’ve won the Best Maine Pet Store Award from 2012-2016.

Don and Liana Kingsbury stock their little shop with pure dynamite– high-quality dog and cat foods, locally-made treats and toys, Maine-made collars and leashes. Large bags of food are stored out back in in the shed, and are thrown into the back of idling cars at the corner. The Kingsbury’s are known as shop owners that always go the extra mile for their customers, which is one reason people who visit, come back again and again.

Don and Liana got the idea to open a shop when their Black Lab “Max” began talking to them in barely audible tones, saying “…build me a shop and stock it with all kinds of tasty things for me to eat…” That complete, Max’s orders became more direct– “Build me a Dog Army of friendly and hungry Labs that I might conquer the earth and impose my will upon all living creatures…” So Don & Liana acquired Auggie and Coal– Max’s Black Lab Lieutenants along with a lot of military hardware specially-fit for dogs. These days, the shop is ruthlessly and efficiently run by Max and his two hench-dogs whilst Liana and Don dutifully obey Max’s every order for treats, however ridiculous.